LLB loves Lace

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Teresa: Pop Cherry jumper & skirt / Proenza Schouler bag / Topshop boots / Jolie & Deen rings / Luna & Zarr Statement ring

Bronte: Pop Cherry top & skirt / Hugo Boss clutch / Steve Madden heels / Luna & Zarr Rings

For uni students (who are suppose to be broke), Bronte and I probably pay way too much for our clothes. So it’s nice once in a while, to find something that we love for the cost, as well as it’s look. One of the hardest things to find for a bargain price is lace. To me, cheap lace usually screams out “tacky prom dress time!” And being far from ‘tacky prom dress’ people (we hope), we’ve managed to find some skirts that are anything but cheap looking. Unconventional lace patterns make these skirts the statement in both our outfits and creates the perfect base for either of our casual or dressy outfits. Looking more expensive than they are and easily dressed up or down? Call a cliché if you want but I’ll call it winning.

x Teresa

Breton Breton

_MG_2086 _MG_2094 _MG_2105 _MG_2139 _MG_2193 _MG_2195 _MG_2228 _MG_2480 _MG_2496 _MG_2501 _MG_2081 doneSabo skirt knit and shorts / Proenza Schouler bag / Topshop boots / Jolie & Deen rings

There’s nothing more laid back, yet effortlessly cool than the Breton stripe. It’s crisp lines makes it a staple in any wardrobe and I can’t believe that this is my first “serious” Breton anything. I’ll be honest, I’ve always though that it was boring and a bit too simple. Also, the fact that my school uniform included a stripy (bananas in pyjamas inspired) shirt, probably didn’t fuel any love for stripes either. But now that I’ve decided to build my wardrobe with pieces with longevity, I’ve realised the importance of the Breton stripe. Paired with some denim, it’s the perfect way to achieve that “I just threw this on” look that takes me way to long to find. So while my friends are relaxing by the French Rivera this semester, I’ll just have to channel it in my outfit and ponder upon why it’s important to be at university.

Ode to Cotton Candy


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Jolie & Deen coat, top & jewellery / H&M skirt / Topshop boots / Michael Kors watch

So my penchant for (almost) all black, leather and coats continues. Stuck in a rut? Perhaps, but I don’t think so. How can you be in a rut when you’re in pieces that overwhelmingly excite you? With high-street stores seemingly blurring into one big pile of plaid prints these days, my bank account has prospered with my lack of enthusiasm for anything I can (or want to) afford. You know the feeling right? Walking into a store, flipping through the racks and thinking, ‘no, no, no and hells noooo.’ Even higher end stores have failed to excite me with anything that I think will be a statement and a staple in my wardrobe. Therefore, when I do come across that piece that makes my eyes look maniacal, it’s a comforting confirmation that I haven’t become too cynical about fashion. Phewww! For example, this pastel pink hued scuba coat was love at first sight. The serious Acne vibes it’s giving off (while not being a knockoff) is just too much to handle. And complementing my $30 h&m zippy skirt? That’s just a bonus.

So there you have it. I’m not in a rut with my wardrobe. I’m just more decisive on what I really love, and that’s a good thing I’m guessing.

x Teresa

How to Wear the Mini without Being a Basic B*tch?

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Cameo Skirt Via TheBowerBirdGroup / NakedVice Backpack /AndOtherStories Jumper / Bared Boots / Michael Kors Watch

Consider the mini – kind of perfect, but also kind of basic. Perfect in that, its great on the gams, shows a little tushy, and pretty much every girl has been styling them since hiking up/taking in/rolling our knee length school skirts in year 9. Basic in that every cliche basic bitch has worn one teemed with a crop top and platforms (yes including myself) so much so that the mini has become synonymous with drunken, loose, party girl antics. So how do we style our mini’s in a way thats says: no I’m not dressing for you boys, I’m dressing for myself. Well lets start by removing any hint of a figure, with a jumper that makes me look more like a body builder than a 19 year old girl. Remove heels and add ankle boots, that say yes my legs are proportional to my short body (I don’t need to be tall- sobs). And chuck in a backpack for good measure. That should do it!

So how do you style your mini? Let me know in the comments!

x Bronte

Baby Got Back (And Backpacks)

_MG_0287 _MG_0290 _MG_0293 _MG_0294 _MG_0300 _MG_0303 _MG_0311 _MG_0314 _MG_0317 _MG_0324 _MG_0326 _MG_0330 _MG_0343 _MG_0345 _MG_0349 _MG_0362 templatefinal _MG_0281 _MG_0278Finders Keepers Top and Cameo skirt from The Bowerbird Group / Naked Vice Backpack / Tony Bianco Boots / Michael Kors Watch / I Heard They Eat Cigarettes Rings

I’ve always been a sucker for a good backless anything. The only problem with anything with a cool back though, is that it usually requires that you go braless. A non-problem for me since I’m “gifted” and can go without one. If you’ve got it, flaunt it…right? And since being flat chested is convenient 25% of the time and a predicament the other 75% of the time, I’ll take what I can get. Just perhaps not in winter. And you’re in Melbourne. And its 8 degrees. Yeah. I braved that.

But saying that, I’d have to say that this is one of my favourite shoots ever. I probably say that every shoot we take, but this one really does takes the cake. Don’t I just look so bad ass in all the leather. If you told me I’d love an all black, all leather look a year ago, I’d tell you to dream on. But there’s just something about mixing different matt, shiny, textured and weathered types of leather together that is just oh so right. And the way to avoid that grungy biker punk vibe that I wouldn’t be able to handle (being a pansy and all) is to add something as cute as a backpack. Like Bronte said in her last post, I too haven’t worn one since Year 9 camp. You know, because none of the “cool” kids did. And by the time the backpack trend had resurged in my last year of schooling (only outside school times of course), I had become one of those kids who though they were too cool to conform and thus shunned it. But even a cold-hearted person like me can’t snub this cutie of a backpack. It’s structure and the fact it’s 100% leather makes it fit for a skeptic like me. And since I’m a cool (I wish), fashionable (I try), on the verge of adulthood (yikes)…kid, perhaps it’s time I jump on the trend.

 xx Teresa

Wait… Backpacks aren’t Nerdy?


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Naked Vice Backpack / Bared Shoes / St Frock Shirt / Zulu Crop

Recently I’ve come to a realisation: Backpacks aren’t nerdy?

Allow me to explain. All throughout my High School experience I was increasing focused being ‘cool’, though simultaneously was a nerd. A big fat, two-strapping, Backpack wearing nerd!

For you see, all the cool girls had these vintage tote style school bags, which could only be ordered from the campus up state, and had been band from being sold at our campus due to creating back problems. While the un-cool kids bummed around in the ‘back safe’ backpacks, which were by the way, UGLY AS. This you see is where my distain for the common rucksack spurned. As you can probably guess I was never allowed to by one of the cool totes, and blamed my unpopularity on my mothers forcing me to wear the ‘back safe’ bright blue backpack (apparently it didn’t occur to me at the time that it might just be the fact I was a member of  both science club and Choir, as well as being just generally awkward).

High school had pretty much tainted my views of the humble backpack. That is, until Alexander Wang brought out the Skeletal Prisima Pack, and I began to understand, that maybe backpacks wern’t nerdy, I just was. :/

Since this realisation, like all other once avoided clothing Items (see: ripped jeans and turtle necks), I’ve kind of become obsessed. Especially with those of the leather variety.

In this particular look, I’ve teemed the oh-so-cool-and-in-no-way-nerdy NakedVice backpack with leather shorts, a cropped high necked swim shirt, and layered long sleeve shirt, really working that sports-lux vibe.

Comment bellow: Are there any trends from back in the day you’re loving now? Are you a keen bean for the backpack like me? Or are you a fan of the dorky-dad sandle known as the Birkenstock?

xx Bronte