Real Talk – Feminism

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So It’s a thursday afternoon, you’re tired, I’m tired and the weekend is only a mere 24 hours away. You’re hoping to relax for a moment, and trawl through some pretty pictures, homespo, and one or two shots of a sleepy french bulldog on a white bed. And by all means, do so! The heart flutter inducing puppies are just a scroll away. But first my lovely ladies and gents (because It’s your issue to ‘wink wink’), we have something to discuss. Once again, Teresa and I have been forced to bring our political views in to play, on a blog where we’d much rather be discussing how to correctly wearing pleats, or our favourite uni outfit. But none the less, here we go…

This afternoon, while having a facebook stalk, and generally wasting time. Out of the corner of my eye (or should I say twitter feed), I noticed Julie Bishops name trending in the news hashtags. Intrigued I clicked through, only to then suffer an eye role so intense I may have had a minor stoke. Julie Bishop, the highest ranking female parliamentary member, and only female member of the cabinet, doesn’t believe in feminism. Scoff, scoff scoff.   Apparently according to Bishop, The wage gap isn’t an issue, nor that only one fifth of parliamentary members are women. Isn’t it funny, that someone who has possibly benefited the most from first and second wave feminism, aims to quash what could possibly be the third.

Ok so, its pretty obvious Teresa and I are feminists, but I’d love to here what you think. Are you a feminist? Are you not? Do you believe sexism is an issue? Or like Bishop, do you believe we are now past it, and have equality?

And incase you’re feeling a little down in the dumps, here some more feminist inspo, to remind you of what great people and things have contributed to the fight for equality of the sexes, See: Emma Watson ‘He For She’, Joseph Gordon-Levitt ‘feminist’, Taylor Swift ‘Feminist Awakening‘ and Beyonce ‘Flawless’.

xx Bronte

Halloween Shalloween

So with Halloween right round the corner and countless parties to attend (with swotvac and all) we been busy little bees on our Youtube channel. If you’re like us and don’t plan costumes until the night before, no sweat, we’ve got you covered. Last minute costumes are a uni student’s main game. When you’ve got no money or time to invest in a A+ costume, makeup and perhaps a pop down to the $2 shop is all you need. And while you’re at it, make sure you have a snoop around at our other videos, there’s going to be lots more to come!

xx T & B

black, white and shades of grey

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“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”
― Coco Chanel

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xx Bronte

On Boyfriends, Or lack thereof



IMG_1695IMG_1618 collageIMG_1675 Lee Demin Jeans / Tony Bianco Boots / MLM Top / Boohoo Coat / Naked Vice Bag

There are two things in life that a good blogger should have, and funnily enough they share a word, boyfriend jeans, and a boyfriend aka photographer (think, TheBlondSalad’s Riccardo Pozzoli, GaryPepper’s Luke Shadbolt or Rumi Neely’s Colin Sokol). Both of which in the past I have consistently lacked, and only one of which can be gained through google searches and a mastercard. I am speaking of course of the jeans, through a little web surfing, I’ve managed to find a the perfect pair: slightly distressed, perfectly blue and so soft they feel like they’ve been worn in through years of love, via Lee Denim.

The same can not be said in regards to my finding a good camera ready boyfriend, or really any type of boy. Though It could be argued, when your most necessary quality for a said boy, is one who owns a canon 5d mark 3, you not really looking for a boyfriend, you’re looking for a good tripod.

But if I’m honest with myself, the blame for my lack of love interests is probably related to my man repelling sense of style (or as my mum would put it, ‘Bronte don’t you think that purple lipstick might scare the boys away’) , and the fact that I only date feminists (Jo Go Lev, I’m up for it if you are)… apparently not what a guy is looking for in a in a girlfriend.

Regardless, of my lack of boyfriends, I ain’t stressin, I have a Teresa, and lets be honest, a best friend with a good camera and an even better sense of style, is better than any basic uni boy ever could be.

x Bronte