On Boyfriends, Or lack thereof



IMG_1695IMG_1618 collageIMG_1675 Lee Demin Jeans / Tony Bianco Boots / MLM Top / Boohoo Coat / Naked Vice Bag

There are two things in life that a good blogger should have, and funnily enough they share a word, boyfriend jeans, and a boyfriend aka photographer (think, TheBlondSalad’s Riccardo Pozzoli, GaryPepper’s Luke Shadbolt or Rumi Neely’s Colin Sokol). Both of which in the past I have consistently lacked, and only one of which can be gained through google searches and a mastercard. I am speaking of course of the jeans, through a little web surfing, I’ve managed to find a the perfect pair: slightly distressed, perfectly blue and so soft they feel like they’ve been worn in through years of love, via Lee Denim.

The same can not be said in regards to my finding a good camera ready boyfriend, or really any type of boy. Though It could be argued, when your most necessary quality for a said boy, is one who owns a canon 5d mark 3, you not really looking for a boyfriend, you’re looking for a good tripod.

But if I’m honest with myself, the blame for my lack of love interests is probably related to my man repelling sense of style (or as my mum would put it, ‘Bronte don’t you think that purple lipstick might scare the boys away’) , and the fact that I only date feminists (Jo Go Lev, I’m up for it if you are)… apparently not what a guy is looking for in a in a girlfriend.

Regardless, of my lack of boyfriends, I ain’t stressin, I have a Teresa, and lets be honest, a best friend with a good camera and an even better sense of style, is better than any basic uni boy ever could be.

x Bronte

LLB X Shelleys London

_MG_8511_MG_8548_MG_8512 _MG_8524 _MG_8526 _MG_8533 _MG_8552  _MG_8565-2_MG_8619 _MG_8573 _MG_8574 _MG_8575 _MG_8586 _MG_8592 _MG_8595 _MG_8598 _MG_8603 _MG_8608 _MG_8610_MG_8558_MG_8612 _MG_8613 _MG_8618 _MG_8507Boohoo coat and jumper / Customised Levi’s jeans / Shelleys London boots / The Peachbox ring and bangles (here and here) / Jolie and Deen rings / Proenza Schouler bag /

Just as I find my perfect winter outfit, it seems as though Melbourne has decided to welcome summer a little earlier than usual. Sure, the perfect weather would be a normal spring for any other city, but any Melbournian would know that summer doesn’t really kick in properly till mid-december or so. Nevertheless, this outfit ticks all the boxes of trans-seasonal gear. First comes the duster coat, lightweight enough for the spring time. Second comes the ripped jeans. This pair here is just a pair of Levis that I loved back in the days but had been both stretched and shrunken in too many washes. Nothing that a pair of scissors and cuffing couldn’t fix! Lastly comes the ankle booties from Shelleys London. Together with the cuffed jeans, its showing off my new favourite asset, the ankle. Ankle? Weird, I know, but something about an exposed ankle just makes a hobo oversized outfit look a bit sleeker. And a pointed toe and hardware doesn’t hurt either! Now, checking the weather, can Melbourne please go under 16 degrees? This number needs a little showing off!

x Teresa

LBT : The Little Black Twosie

_MG_8636 _MG_8643 _MG_8663 _MG_8654 _MG_8694 _MG_8668 _MG_8644 _MG_8692 _MG_8701 Jolie & Deen top, skirt and jewellery / Shelleys London Boots / Proenza Schouler bag / Michael Kors watch

It’s been a while since I’ve actually written an entire post, but since its our mid-sem break, I no longer have an excuse not to. So hello again readers of the interweb, my musings and I are back until we inevitably find a way to crawl back into hibernation. It’s only been two months but since my last written post, I’ve joined the big old twenties club. You know, that one that’s suppose to be the best part of your life? Well it pretty much feels the same but with more anxieties, smile lines and weariness. Such an optimist, I know, but 20 just feels like a bit of a nothing year to me. I mean, of course the big 2-1 is exciting, but 20 is just like being teenager, but with the added responsibility of sorting your shit out. I will forever miss the ‘ohh you’re only 19?’s and the ‘that’s so young, how are you doing so much?’s but I guess we can’t all be Peter Pans forever. After all, age is only a limit that has been constructed our fellow earthlings. At least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself, until the before mentioned “shit” (which I’ve eloquently named so because there’s too much to list) gets sorted.

Whinging aside, growing older and hopefully wiser, isn’t dampening my love for the twosie. This one is a bit different from my usual print on print twosie but I kind of love it. All black, scuba and tiny flash of stomach? Heres to a new era, the era of the twosie 2.0. To complete the LBT, it’s been paired here with some acne-sque boots from Shellys London, a footwear brand making a splash from across the pond. They’re available on ASOS for all you Aussies! Keep our eyes peeled because our LLB x Shelleys London collab is just starting to heat up….

x Teresa