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LLB do Vlogging

Back on the youtube train again, and we’re trying our hand at a little bit of vlogging. While we probably wont be posting one every day (honestly our lives arnt that exciting). We might film one every now and then to give you guys a little insight on what its like to be us (hint: pretty unorganised mostly).

Let us Know what you think <3

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Inspo Trends


I’ll be honest, I absolutely hated fringing up until a week ago. It just didn’t have the finesse and clean lines that I’ve grown to covet. Also, it is sooo overdone sometimes (I’m looking at you Coachella). However, after splurging on a few festival tickets (but being more excited about looking cute while attending them), I decided that fringing wasn’t all that bad. Actually, I decided that it was pretty much awesome. Exhibit A,B,C,D,E,F,G…..


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