Winter Woes

_MG_6088_MG_6084_MG_6076_MG_6203  _MG_6159 _MG_6152 _MG_6135 _MG_6125 _MG_6099 _MG_6092    _MG_6067 _MG_6054 _MG_6048 _MG_6047  _MG_6035 _MG_6015  _MG_5997  _MG_5972 Boohoo Coat / Claude Maus Pants / Asos Turtle Neck / Spurr Heels / Proenza Shouler Bag / Jolie and Deen Necklace


So we’re back from bali, and  its official: summer has ended, and Melbourne has returned to its dreary best (read as: worst). And Its time for us southern staters to once again wriggle back in to our skinny jeans, mush our faces through our turtle necks, and basically layer ourselves back up like the fluffy replica onions we are.  Sigh


x Bronte

Unlock your style with Highpoint


Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 9.49.56 pm

Country Road knit / Colette clutch / Tony Bianco boots / Witchery coat / Bardot pantsScreen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.11.09 pm

Jac & Jack sweater from David Jones / Tilkah bracelet / Tony Bianco boots / Coatigan from Witchery / Country Road pantsScreen Shot 2015-03-17 at 12.12.34 pm

Country Road top / Leather jacket from Witchery / Country Road culottes / Country Road shoes / Topshop hatScreen Shot 2015-03-18 at 5.59.11 pm

Country Road top / Dents leather gloves from Myer/ Trainers from Saba / Jayson Brunsden Black Label coat / Alannah Hill skirt

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know what we’re obsessed with Polyvore. The only problem with Polyvore is, creating  a lust worthy look usually involves searching the terms “Net a Porter,” “Alexander Wang” or “Acne.” Therefore, sadly these creations rarely make the transition from pixel to material form.

So imagine our excitement when we were asked by the team at Highpoint, to play around with their ‘Unlock your style’ app. We created 4 looks, very much true to our personal styles and winter’s minimalistic trend. Best of all? All the items in the app are available in stores right now and won’t break the bank. And if you’re smart, you’ll wait to Highpoint’s VIP shopping day on March 25th to make your purchases.

So get creative now (at You’ll have the chance to win in a share of $10,000 worth of prizes and di

x Teresa

Is that on point?

_MG_6300 _MG_6297 _MG_6293 _MG_6284 _MG_6273 _MG_6270 _MG_6268 _MG_6262 _MG_6254 _MG_6241 _MG_6238 _MG_6229 _MG_6220 _MG_6207Nena & Pasadena flight pants / ASOS WHITE shirt / Spurr heels/ Proenza Schouler bag /

Last week, we realised that we were three months into the year, and had only done three shoots. Weird right? For people who are used to posting 2-5 outfits a week at least! Well what’s our excuse? We went to Bali last month and we’re back at uni now *sadface*. We’re also trying to filter out posts that are “fillers” so that every outfit passes the ‘is that on point?’ test. Saying that, we coming back in full force with a pretty minimal outfit, but one that should be a staple in any wardrobe. You just can’t beat the classic white shirt/drop crotch jeans combo. And throw in some killer heels and the Proenza, and you’re rocking a fully fledged “on point” ensemble. *hands the air emoji*

x T

Out of Office Reply



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All images sourced via LionLionBazaar Pinterest / Bronte-Mac / Teresa-Vu

Artist of the Week: Chance The Rapper / Song: Everybody’s Something

So we’re away for this week in Bali! Taking a little time to chill out, prior to uni starting back up.  But don’t fear, Teresa and I have lined up a few posts to keep you busy and up to date with the latest farshown, while were out of the office (more a frame of mind, than particular place).

x Bronte