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Paige Denim Jeans / Claude Maus Top / Jolie and Dean Jewellery / Fjord Watch / Tony Bianco Boots

So Its competition time again my beautiful people!

In collaboration with International Fashion Group, Teresa, I and a handful of other bloggers will be giving away some paige denim amazingness. The winner will receive two -count em- two pairs of paige denim jeans of your choice.

All you have to do to enter is: head over to Instagram, be following both us @lionlionbazaar and @internationalfashiongroup and regram this image with the hashtag #paigeausstyle.

Winner drawn december 8th.

Also please note, only Aussies may take part, apologies to our international buddies.

xx Bronte


_MG_0783 _MG_0796 _MG_0794 _MG_0804 _MG_0806 _MG_0812 _MG_0820 _MG_0823 _MG_0837 _MG_0846 _MG_0849 _MG_0872 _MG_0878 _MG_0876 _MG_0885 _MG_0852 _MG_0860 _MG_0879Paige Denim jeansAsos WHITE shirt / Tony bianco boots / NakedVice backpace/ Jolie and Deen jewellery / 32.4 ring / Fjord watch

There’s nothing like a classic white shirt and skinny jeans outfit. Clean, street-cool, and a little wang vibe thanks to the upside down unbuttoning. My issue however, is that I usually struggle to convince myself to squeeze into a pair of skinnys at 7am on a chilly Melbourne morning. It’s just not the kind of pants that you look forwards to putting on before your coffee! But in saying so, I’ve been living in my Paige Denim jeans ever since I received them in the mail. They’re just so soft and stretchy, and of course, they’re skinny as well, taking me out of my marshmallow pants zone. Aaaaandd we’re super excited to announce a little giveaway with some of our favourite denim!

   You can go into the running to win two (!) Paige Denim jeans of your very own!  Just head on over to our Instagram and all you need to do is (1 to be following both us @lionlionbazaar and @internationalfashiongroup (2) regram one of our paige denim images with the #paigeausstyle.The winner will be drawn on December 8th and its for Australian residents only.

 May the odds be ever in your favour! (Yes, I just watched Mockingjay and yes, it’s amazing)

x Teresa

Good vs. Evil

IMG_1569 IMG_2251IMG_1579 IMG_2232IMG_1582IMG_2232Processed with VSCOcam with s2 presetForever new top, skirt, headpiece, clutch and heels / Lack of Colour hat

A little shoot we did featuring our favourite trend of this spring racing season: the full midi skirt. Throw in a little light vs. dark theme for some fun and dressed head to toe in Forever New so it doesn’t hurt the bank!

xx T&B



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All images sourced via LionLionBazaar Pinterest / Theyallhateus / Bronte-Mac / Teresa-Vu / Music Available Here

Recently Teresa and I have been trying to think of ways to expand the blog, new things to post and new social medias to use. We’ve started a Pinterest, a Youtube Channel, and I’ve started posting Inspo posts to the blog. As Mentioned Previously I’ve started adding some weekly music inspo in with the mix. This weeks musician is The Weekend, with song Often, the version imbedded is the remix Via Kygo.

I’ve also added some of our most recent youtube videos, for your perusal <3

If you do like the inspo posts or our videos and would like us to do, or if theres anything else you would like us to try out (social medias or things to post) please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments bellow :)!

xx Bronte

Alexander Wang X H&M Part 2

   _MG_9270_MG_9413_MG_9363_MG_9392 _MG_9385 _MG_9379  _MG_9355 _MG_9348 _MG_9323 _MG_9316 _MG_9308 _MG_9304 _MG_9294 _MG_9292 _MG_9285 _MG_9277 _MG_9271 _MG_9450 _MG_9441 _MG_9431

Alexander Wang X H&M Bralette / Asos Leather Skirt / Alyssa Leather Jacket / Naked Vice Backpack / Side Walk Sole Sandals  / Fjord Watch 

So I think its safe to say, that recently Teresa and I have experienced a pretty drastic change in our style. We used to be all about bright prints, colour blocking and everything ‘fashion forward’, my wardrobe use to look like something out of Cirque Du soleil (don’t get me wrong, Like Fashion week Cirque Du soleil, but Cirque Du soleil, none the less).  However Lately I feel like we’ve really come in to our own, minimalising our style, using more staple black and white, and wearable items. Items that aren’t so seasonal… Theres nothing that sucks more, than spending a heap on an Item and only getting a few wears out of it, before the trend is done, and you start to hate it. I’d say thats pretty clear with this latest outfit, almost completely black and white, and only really one hint of print through these super cool sidewalk sole sandals.  I guess style really comes down to confidence. I used to use colour and patters to compensate for the confidence I lacked, a little “fake it to you make it” I guess. Now that I’m more sure of myself and my style I feel like black and white is where its at, that old school black and white movie cool.

Of course check back with me in 6 months and I’l probably be it to something completely different.

So Let me know in the comments, what trends are you feeling at the moment? and what trend are you totally over?

xx Bronte