Some Days Bloggin – Part Two

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 Somedays Lovin Boyfriends Jolie and Deen Rings / Ametrine Contrast Crop 

There’s and old trope within the entertainment business, that warns to never work with animals. Well I call bullshit! I’d say working with two of the most adorable accessories was defiantly the most fun shooting I’ve had in a long time!

Recently Teresa and I were challenged by the girls at Somedays Lovin in collaboration with Arrow Divine Jewellery and the Shambhala Luxury Resort in Byron Bay  to shoot our most off duty day, and the accompanying choice outfit.As you may have seen, while we did choose to shoot one of our more normal white wall shoots, we felt a need to do another, one even more off duty than the first!

We realised there’s really only one occasion when we’re completely off duty… the beach! As bloggers and social media addicts, where ever we are, whatever we’re doing, as long as we have our phones and a wifi connection, we’re probably working. Either scrolling Instagram, emails or even writing sneaky blog posts on our phone between tram stops. The only time we aren’t on duty, is when we physically can’t be. Thus the beach, where unless you’re fine with possibly drowning, losing or sanding up your I-baby, it can’t be with you.

As such Teresa and I decided to drop our phones, grab our dogs, pick up the 7D, and head down to the beach.  And while in classic Melbourne style, it began to rain as soon as we hit sand, I’d have to say it was one of the most freeing, relaxing and stupid funny experiences we’ve had in a long time.

So, now we’re challenging you… lose the phone, grab a friend, and spend a little time off duty!

xx Bronte & Teresa

Some Days Bloggin – Part One

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Somedays Lovin Boyfriends / Otto Mode Turtle / First Base Top / TopShop Boots / Proenza Shouler Bag / Michael Kor Watch/ ThePeachBox Bracelet / Jolie and Deen Rings / Luna and Zarr Stike Rings  

Recently Somedays Lovin contacted us in regards to the blogger off duty comp they in collaboration with Arrow Divine Jewellery and the Shambhala Luxury Resort in Byron Bay are hosting. They challenged us to sit our butts down, take a little me time and do what makes us happiest!

So what makes us happy? and more importantly how are we dressed when we are?

For us, off duty can mean many things, and obviously this is going to dictate how we dress.As such Teresa and I decided to shoot two outfits, two different ascetics and two different days. The first -depicted above- clad in boyfriend jeans, boots, the Proenza and a whole lot of black. Involved coffee, brunch, a trip to Victoria Markets and sampling one too many vegan deserts. The second: a day at the beach, dogs in toe, and soft sand beneath our feet -to come soon-.

So how do you like to spend your off duty days? annnd more importantly! What do you wear?

xx Bronte


LLB loves Lace

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Teresa: Pop Cherry jumper & skirt / Proenza Schouler bag / Topshop boots / Jolie & Deen rings / Luna & Zarr Statement ring

Bronte: Pop Cherry top & skirt / Hugo Boss clutch / Steve Madden heels / Luna & Zarr Rings

For uni students (who are suppose to be broke), Bronte and I probably pay way too much for our clothes. So it’s nice once in a while, to find something that we love for the cost, as well as it’s look. One of the hardest things to find for a bargain price is lace. To me, cheap lace usually screams out “tacky prom dress time!” And being far from ‘tacky prom dress’ people (we hope), we’ve managed to find some skirts that are anything but cheap looking. Unconventional lace patterns make these skirts the statement in both our outfits and creates the perfect base for either of our casual or dressy outfits. Looking more expensive than they are and easily dressed up or down? Call a cliché if you want but I’ll call it winning.

x Teresa

Breton Breton

_MG_2086 _MG_2094 _MG_2105 _MG_2139 _MG_2193 _MG_2195 _MG_2228 _MG_2480 _MG_2496 _MG_2501 _MG_2081 doneSabo skirt knit and shorts / Proenza Schouler bag / Topshop boots / Jolie & Deen rings

There’s nothing more laid back, yet effortlessly cool than the Breton stripe. It’s crisp lines makes it a staple in any wardrobe and I can’t believe that this is my first “serious” Breton anything. I’ll be honest, I’ve always though that it was boring and a bit too simple. Also, the fact that my school uniform included a stripy (bananas in pyjamas inspired) shirt, probably didn’t fuel any love for stripes either. But now that I’ve decided to build my wardrobe with pieces with longevity, I’ve realised the importance of the Breton stripe. Paired with some denim, it’s the perfect way to achieve that “I just threw this on” look that takes me way to long to find. So while my friends are relaxing by the French Rivera this semester, I’ll just have to channel it in my outfit and ponder upon why it’s important to be at university.

Ode to Cotton Candy


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Jolie & Deen coat, top & jewellery / H&M skirt / Topshop boots / Michael Kors watch

So my penchant for (almost) all black, leather and coats continues. Stuck in a rut? Perhaps, but I don’t think so. How can you be in a rut when you’re in pieces that overwhelmingly excite you? With high-street stores seemingly blurring into one big pile of plaid prints these days, my bank account has prospered with my lack of enthusiasm for anything I can (or want to) afford. You know the feeling right? Walking into a store, flipping through the racks and thinking, ‘no, no, no and hells noooo.’ Even higher end stores have failed to excite me with anything that I think will be a statement and a staple in my wardrobe. Therefore, when I do come across that piece that makes my eyes look maniacal, it’s a comforting confirmation that I haven’t become too cynical about fashion. Phewww! For example, this pastel pink hued scuba coat was love at first sight. The serious Acne vibes it’s giving off (while not being a knockoff) is just too much to handle. And complementing my $30 h&m zippy skirt? That’s just a bonus.

So there you have it. I’m not in a rut with my wardrobe. I’m just more decisive on what I really love, and that’s a good thing I’m guessing.

x Teresa