Staple Style Challenge / Part 2

_MG_7818_MG_7820_MG_7809 _MG_7800 _MG_7792 _MG_7784_MG_7647_MG_7569_MG_7649_MG_7718 _MG_7705 _MG_7690 _MG_7660 _MG_7640 _MG_7591 _MG_7578_MG_7575_MG_7759_MG_7745_MG_7737_MG_7863Staple the Label trenchcoat / Asos top, pants and leather jacket / Adidas shoes / Proenza Schouler bag / Jolie & Deen rings /  32.4 ring

So here’s the second part to our entry to the #staplestylechallenge hosted by Staple the Label and sponsored by, and! As you may have noticed, this brings a bit of a different post to our space! While we’re both been induced with monochrome madness and a great phobia of colour lately, we just couldn’t pass up this gorgeous lilac trench. That’s not to say that there wasn’t a debate over going with black version of this trench of course! However, in 10,000 Facebook messages within the space of 5 minutes (it was a first in, best dressed situation), we decided that the black was too safe, and we needed to change it up a bit!

As the whimsical, off the shoulder business was left to Bronte, it was up to me to bring some edge to this post. Enter in the leather jacket and superstars. Most of my life, I’ve struggled with being too cold, and so I would find any way possible to layer it up. I would wear every weird combination under the sun, from thermals under school shirts to socks under tights, and at last Fall’s festival, I resorted to skinny jeans under my trackies.  Don’t judge until you’ve volunteered all day in the rain in Lorne, it gets bloody cold! Anyways, the point is, I’m a layering fiend, yet, up until two week ago when we shot this outfit, one line that I wouldn’t cross was a jacket under a coat. Two jumpers under a coat? Sure. A crop top over a t-shirt with a coat on top? Why not, fashunnn right? But coat on jacket? Not a chance, that’s what weirdos did. How the tide as changed. But lets be honest, when you have a gorgeous coat to throw on top, any rule can be broken.

I should probably mention the change of pace in photography as well. We were going down to Phillip Island for the uni break, so used the opportunity to get capture some mother nature. I can still remember one of the first shoots we did, and it was at beach, on St Kilda pier. Being fresh out of high school and still pretending to know how to use a fancy SLR, we struggled so much with the lighting and the god-forsaken Melbourne gale. Fast-forward 2 and a half years later (eeek, we’re getting old), and the winds and harsh sun rays were not foe for us. #winning #fulfilledourcolourquotafortheyear

x Teresa