The Mummy Returns

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Bec & Bridge top and skirt from Miishu Boutique / 3.1 Phillip Lim boots / Proenza Schouler bag / 32.4 ring

Port Melbourne’s Miishu Boutique stocks all our favourite designers, so Bronte and I were super excited to style up a few outfits to show you guys! A few trends we noticed during our visit was that our previous dislike for ruffles had suddenly reversed without us knowing, and that we were in love with anything Bec and Bridge. I’m kind of obsessed with the little number above, and unsurprisingly, it fulfils both before mentioned requirements. Bronte coined it the “fashion mummy” outfit, and I won’t lie, that’s exactly what it looks like. However, something about organic nature of the fabric and drape, makes it irresistible not to jump aboard the ‘wrapped in bandages’ train. At this point, I would insert a “The Mummy” reference in here, just because I’m pretentious and every 90s kids likes to reference the 90s, but I might have been behind the couch when my parents watched the movie because the mummy scared the shit out of me. Look, it’s not my fault CGI hadn’t sorted itself out yet!

x Teresa