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Bronte: Jagger the Label tee and skirt from The Bowerbird Group / Skin boots / Proenza Schouler bag / Luna and Zarr Ring / The Peach Box Bracelets

Teresa: Jagger the Label dress / Topshop boots / Luna and Zarr Ring / Michael Kors watch / Ametrine backpack

It’s twosie time again! We’re finally dipping our toes back into the prints games with this stunning marble print from Jaggar the Label. It’s an interesting monochromatic print that will take over the reigns from the overexposed cracked print in our wardrobe at least. Here, we’ve shown you two ways in which you can wear this print (or any for that matter) this season. Dress a midi skirt down with a relaxed t-shirt like Bronte or follow in my footsteps and amp up the cute factor with a skater dress and backpack. Either way, marble is the way to go.


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Head to toe leather is achievable when your leather is this bad-ass. 

Bronte: Ametrine top and shorts / Skin Boots / The Peach Box Bracelets

Teresa: Ametrine top, skirt (similar here) and backpack / Topshop boots / Michael Kors watch / Jolie & Deen rings

I’m always that annoying, anti-social person at the dinner table on my phone, and it’s something that usually irks whoever I’m with. Most of the time, I’ll pull the good old “I’m doing work!” which usually means that I’m just poking around on Instagram or playing 2048. But don’t be fooled. I do take my Instagram very seriously. Because now and then, while you’re scrolling or tapping, you come across magic. Magic that comes in the form of crushed leather and an emerging Australian label called Ametrine.

Their design philosophy is  ‘simplicity that celebrates the rare and unexpected’ and they deliver it on all fronts in their impeccably made garments. I hear too often that “it looks so much better in person!” and most of the time, it’s true, but only because it looks so terrible in photos. I can honestly say that the Ametrine pieces we photographed are different, as they look amazing in photos and mind-blowingly incredible in person. Take the crushed leather pieces for example. In pixels, you’re taken aback because you’ve never seen crushed leather before or seen it done so well. In person, you’re able to appreciate the different facets of the material, from the matte detailed wrinkles to the smooth shiny patches that catch the light. And after discussing methods of how to create this seemingly random but quite controlled way of distressing the leather for way too long, Bronte and I realised that we needed lives. Lives outside obsessing over the rare and unexpected. But what can you do? Dreamers will be dreamers, leather lovers will be leather lovers and instagramers will be instagramers. That’s just how it goes.