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Artist of the Week: Chance The Rapper / Song: Everybody’s Something

So we’re away for this week in Bali! Taking a little time to chill out, prior to uni starting back up.  But don’t fear, Teresa and I have lined up a few posts to keep you busy and up to date with the latest farshown, while were out of the office (more a frame of mind, than particular place).

x Bronte


When did we become so Normcore?

_MG_5772 _MG_5767 _MG_5766 _MG_5759 _MG_5757 _MG_5746 _MG_5737 _MG_5734Top Shop Boutique Silk Slip Dress / Topshop Plane White Tee / 3.1 Philip Lim Boots / Naked Vice Bucket Bag

So as you may have noticed recently. Teresa and Yours truly, have been giving ourselves big pats on the back for our style transition, or in other words, our  plan to avoid colour and glaring prints, in order to create a longer lasting- trend passing wardrobe.

In our own minds, we were no longer victims of the trend to trend, wardrobe struggle. Where by you wear and item twice and then never again, due to it becoming outdated.

Well if you’ve recently or ever read about Normcore, you may not understand why I know feel like an idiot: merely a brainwashed vogue-ofile, tricked in to believing she had her own thoughts. When no, in-fact, I have just embraced the biggest trend of 2014.

So yes, now that we’ve established our unoriginality. What is Normcore?  Well Vogue describes it as  ‘a collective, neutral blandness – eschewing obvious markers of luxury, fashion and distinctive style and instead opting for a more low key, cool look with a dash of athleticism and a whiny of the ’90s” But I don’t know. That doesn’t really hit it for me. Yes I agree, its low key, athletic and very 90’s inspired, but bland? I would argue not so. Bland is for the taste of that inauthentic Mexican you had for dinner last night, or the mildly offensive cream living room set at IKEA. Normcore, in a word, is understated.

And eschewing obvious makers of luxury? You might have to argue with Acne over that one. That same Balenciaga bag in every bright colour and the obvious over-worn Burberry print, does not the luxury make. It is not a price tag. Luxury is in the finishing, the feeling of that shearling lining against your skin, and the perfect way your feet slip in to those boots.

“So what is normcore Bronte? Seeing as for some reason, we’re going to take your word, over Vogue?” I hear you ask,

Well as an equation it would be:

(Neutrals + Comfort) x Style

For yes, although in order for it to be Normcore, it must be comfortable and casual and blah blah blah, it also still has so be stylish. Your slip dress must still finish at the perfect position on your thigh, and your layering must still be on point. Otherwise you’re nothing more than a millennial in mum apparel circa 1993.

Ultimately though, Normcore, can be brought back to the idea of whatever is normal for you, what do you feel most yourself in. That is your normcore.

X Bronte